Volume Purchase for Education

Mood Meter for iOS

We are happy to let you know that the MOOD METER app is offered to education institutions at a special 50% discount price through the Apple iStore Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), when purchasing in quantities of 20 or more.

Accepting credit cards and purchase orders.

You can purchase the Mood Meter app in volume using purchase orders, credit cards, and PayPal. Education customers can buy VPP Credit through the Apple Online Store for Education or by calling to work with an Apple representative.

How it Works.


Set up a Volume Purchase Program account by providing basic information about your institution and who will manage the program.

Set Up.

After enrollment is complete, assign your institution’s administrator for the purchasing and distribution of content.


In the VPP store, search for the Mood Meter, enter the quantity, and complete the transaction with VPP Credit, PayPal or a credit card. Mood Meter app in the iStore.


When you buy the Mood Meter in volume you can distribute it via redeemable codes directly to your users. Or, you have the option to assign the app to specific devises using a mobile devise management (MDM) distribution solution offered by the iStore. This choice is made at the time of purchase. If you choose to use a mobile device management (MDM) solution, you retain complete ownership and control of the app, which can be distributed to user’s devices and when no longer needed, reassigned to a different user.

VPP Store – Discount Volume Purchasing

For more information about how to set up, you can go to the VPP site and download a copy of the Volume Purchase Program Guide.

To purchase and distribute the Mood Meter app in volume in the VPP store.

Mood Meter for Android

Visit Google Play to purchase the app for students using Android or Chromebook.