The Mood Meter experience has 6 main components.

1. Plot your feeling

step 1
  • Consider the nuance of your current feeling. (How pleasant or unpleasant do you feel, and how high or low is your energy?)
  • Tap the appropriate color quadrant on the PLOT Screen and see the emotion word associated with your plot.

2. Describe why you have that feeling

step 2
  • Now you have the opportunity to reflect on why you are feeling that way and type it into your Mood Meter.
  • This information is saved, so you’ll be able to check back over time to see if there are any patterns to what is changing your mood.

3. Select a strategy to shift your feelings, if desired

step 3
  • Regulation strategies include quotes, images, and practical tips to help you shift from one color emotion to another.
  • Personalize your experience by adding your own quotes, images, and tips.
  • View “More Past Reasons” to be reminded of times when you were in the yellow or the green.

4. View personal reports to track your feelings

step 4
  • The more times you plot your feelings on the Mood Meter, the more useful your reports become.
  • Shift the date range to explore your feelings at different times in your life.
  • Tap ALL on the pie chart to see the details of your feelings over time.

5. Receive reminders to check-in with yourself.

step 5
  • It’s really up to you about how you want to use Mood Meter. You can always add or delete reminders.
  • Some people like to have multiple reminders each day, others like once a day.
  • Some like to time the reminders with specific events: when they wake up, at meals, after class, etc.
  • Pick what works best for you. You can always change your mind!
  • Remember: if you want to set a recurring reminder, make sure to tap “Repeat” when setting up a new reminder.

6. Share our feelings with friends

step 6
  • Just tap the “Share” icon and you have the option to share your feelings with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
  • You will have the opportunity to edit your “Describe Why” text before it is shared.